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Ways to Volunteer

Volunteers are truly the backbone of an animal shelter.  Whether it is an hour, a partial day or a full day you have available to help us, we will greatly appreciate your helping paws!

When we open the shelter, we will need you to help us with:

  • Dog walking

  • Cleaning kennels, cat condos and common areas

  • Socialization of cats and dogs (play time, pets and purrs)

  • Training

  • Events and fundraising

  • Transportation of pets to vet visits and other shelters

  • Clerical duties such as answering calls and emails

  • Onsite laundry

  • Maintenance

  • Landscaping

  • Transportation of pets

Requirements for volunteers
Must be 18 or older (or 14 when working with a parent or other responsible adult).
Must be willing to undergo required training.

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A major part of any shelter is their foster program.  There is no more personal and impactful way to help animals than by becoming a foster. Wags & Whiskers has a variety of foster opportunities - - You can foster a mom and her litter until they are old enough for vaccines and altering - -  foster an animal who needs some quiet time after surgery or treatment - - care for an animal until space is available - - whatever the reason, these animals need some extra love and care before they can be adopted. Providing foster care for a few days, weeks, or months can be a lifesaving gift for an animal.

Food, medication, kennels, toys and other basic supplies you will need are provided, along with training and care instructions. 


Fosters are asked to:

  • undergo required training.
  • be willing to submit to a home visit by the shelter prior to application approval.
  • be willing to provide transportation to veterinary visits or to the shelter when needed.
  • be willing to provide care as recommended by the veterinarian and/or shelter manager.
  • be willing to assist with the adoption process.
Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer or foster today! 

Find the applications online here:
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