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Wright City, MO

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  • Katie Joyce-President

  • Tracy Sator- Vice President

  • Penny McClain - Treasurer

  • Kathy Caton - Secretary

  • Lynda Baker

  • Katie Knapp

  • Taylor Chapman

  • Michael Bohm

  • Jacquie Bird Kraichley

  • Charlie Boyce

  • Pat Harper

  • Ruth Anne Scheidegger 

  • John Giarrante

Mission Statement

Our mission is to work to end pet homelessness in Warren County.  To this end we will:

- Provide community programs that educate for healthy and responsible pet care to keep pets and their people together
- Spay/neuter/microchip for pet population control and safety
- Help lost/found pets find their homes and provide shelter and care for dogs and cats until they find a home
- Partner with other shelters and rescues when in need and collaborate on community programs

Advisory Board

Board of Directors






There is a long history of effort on behalf of pets in the Warren County area, beginning with Homer and Alice Drew who in 1989 formed Animal Welfare Association and began to foster and adopt dogs and cats. From there, other groups joined the effort.


In 2001, a group of animal lovers formed Concerned Citizens for Animal Care of Warren County (CCAC) with the purpose of raising funds to build a shelter to support local pets.

In 2018, the funds necessary to begin the process of building the shelter were raised and work was begun on locating a property appropriate for a shelter.  In 2020, the owners of Innsbrook Corporation purchased land near Highways F and M and invited us to partner with them to build a shelter on this property.

In 2021, the name of CCAC, the fundraising organization, was changed to Wags & Whiskers, a name that reflects our current mission of building and operating a shelter to serve pets in the Warren County area.

As we move forward, we thank you for supporting our mission!

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